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Important News:

December 1, 2014  ARI welcomes new director

The Adaptive Riding Institute board of directors is pleased to announce that Teresa Whalen will be joining ARI as the new Executive Director.

Teresa has a professional background directing non-profit 501(c) (3) organizations, expertise in social services and understands the spectrum of equine assisted therapies for people with disabilities.

She has a lengthy history of training and caring for horses, including competing, coaching, and working for large (and small) veterinary practices.   Teresa owns a Thoroughbred, and has enjoyed riding him for over 20 years.

Teresa is looking forward to building on the amazing 26-year legacy created by ARI co-founders Kerrill Knaus and Sue Rosen.  Her initial focus will be on grant-writing and fund-raising.  Long range efforts will encompass broader range programs that include senior citizens and military families in ARI’s expanded therapeutic riding programs.  More details on these programs will follow – so stay tuned to ARI’s web site!

Stop by and say hi to ARI's new leader Teresa Whalen!

Adaptive Riding Institute, formerly known as H.O.R.S.E.S. Ltd., was founded in 1988 in Scotts Mills, Oregon, by two sisters, Kerrill Knaus and Susanne Rosen.

Sue had always loved horseback riding and wanted Kerrill to be able to experience the joy and freedom it provided.

Over the years they worked on creating a saddle that would assist Kerrill, who has physical challenges, and that would be comfortable for her. After many prototypes, and with the help of master saddle maker Paul White, they created the first adaptive saddle. Realizing that there are many people who could benefit from riding and equine therapy, the two sisters created what today is The Adaptive Riding Institute.

The Adaptive Riding Institute provides equine assisted therapy services, personal development, therapeutic riding, and related services for people of all abilities throughout the Mid-Willamette Valley at state of the art facilities in Turner.

Kerrill retired in 2009 and after 27 years Sue is now planning to slow her gallop to a trot.  The board is very grateful to both sisters and wishes them the very best.

Adaptive Riding Institute is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization located at:
2895 Cloverdale Road SE
Turner, OR 97392

For more information view ARI at  their web site: or contact Teresa Whalen at:

Other important news:

ARI is looking for talented, passionate folks to join our board of directors. If you think you might be interested in serving on our board, please download our recruitment announcement (PDF) for more information. If you wish to apply, you can download a copy of our board application here (PDF).


Mission Statement

The mission of the Adaptive Riding Institute is to improve the lives of special needs children and adults through innovative Equine Assisted Recreational Therapies of the highest quality. Health, Happiness and Healing through Horses promotes wellness, enhances capabilities and fosters independence. Our client-centered programs offer safe and rewarding activities aided by our extraordinary horses, experienced staff and dedicated volunteers.

Our Purpose… to provide Health, Happiness and Healing through Horses

Adaptive Riding Institute is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization. Contributions are tax deductible to the extent of the law.

Enjoy a new video on ARI by Food Chain... its history and the difference the program makes to so many - clients and voluneers alike. Or you can view at

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